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        ARTER PACKAGING from its inception in 1994 has been committed to the integration of the packaging structure. Strong self perfect training mechanism, and domestic printing technology R & D units have long-term cooperation, after many years of accumulation have freedom of research centers and laboratories.

        Packging is numerous ,our creativity is endless. Arter Packaging has been following the enterprise's developing spirit of "Excellent technics,high quality, satisfied services and mutual develppment" and continually has developed and produced all kinds of packaging products that can match our customers' satisfactions. Arter Packaging would like to sincerely cooperate with the custonmers from all over the world and to join hands in creating a better future.
        To establish strategic partnership with big brand customers, the company will be in the service process, the customer service commissioner, printing price, accounts settlement, distribution and after sales services to provide optimal channel, to obtain stable and mutually beneficial long-term cooperation.
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